Workout Cards

When I had better working out habits, I was running a few times a week as well as attending a class at the Y called Power Lunch. I love the challenge of classes like that one; they make me push harder than I would otherwise. Now, with the cardio, I think that part of what I needed was some diversity in that part of my workout diet. So, I’ve been looking around on the web for workout ideas.

I’ve found some of these workouts, and have printed them off. And they look absolutely crazy because they’ve been crammed into my gym bag with other stuff. Some people are dainty when they sweat, I’m not one of them. My gym bag can be downright tropical. Also, those full-sized sheets of paper can be awkward…especially if you happen to be *ahem* watching something on your iPad as you work out. Hey, whatever you have to do to get back into the exercise habit, right?

50minelliptical^This workout came from a blog called PB Fingers.

So, the plan for these guys is to print them, in their 5×6 inch glory, laminate them and stow them in my gym bag. I’ll keep going bit-by-bit in order to amass a collection of the cards. Then, when I go to the gym, in those moments I don’t feel like going, I know that I have a plan and some choices awaiting me in my bag.


^This workout came from Fitness Magazine.

Funny how a little thing like this can push you to do what you need to do. But, I’ll take it!


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